What to Know About Preventative Dental Care for Kids

Preventative dental care plays a substantial role in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. While your child is young, you have an excellent chance to demonstrate this significance by the beneficial habits you practice at home. However, there are times that dental issues will emerge despite the oral cleaning routine you have in place. That is why you need assistance from a caring professional team.

At Cuddle Kids Dental Care, Dr. Chrishelle Hemphill wants to work with your child to foster a positive, life-long attitude toward dental care. Instead of assuming what is best for them, we spend quality time with them to better understand their dental needs. Because children often struggle to explain if they have a problem, we help them articulate their concerns. We also help by providing preventative care to ensure they have fewer oral health troubles as an adult. Here are some of the treatments we use.


You should bring your child to us at least twice per year for teeth cleanings. Although they brush and floss at home, it can be hard to remove all of the plaque on their own. That is why we use specialized tools to remove any buildup and prevent the formation of cavities.

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers get used to hold the space open once a tooth is lost. If you leave an empty space in your smile, the other teeth will start to shift and move out of place. But using this device will keep the teeth in place until permanent teeth appear. If you are unsure about applying this device, remember it is more affordable than orthodontic treatment later on.

Fluoride Varnish

To help protect against tooth decay, we use a tooth-colored gel called fluoride varnish on the teeth. This application works by fortifying the enamel and decreasing the damaging influences of oral bacteria. Having this done is not a surefire way to prevent cavities. Yet it can be tremendously effective when paired with regular brushing and flossing and adhering to a healthy diet.

Mouth Guards

A facial injury can occur anytime your child participates in an athletic activity. To prevent broken, chipped, or knocked-out teeth, you should let your child wear a mouth guard. It is a protective apparatus Dr. Hemphill can make for your child to ensure it has a perfect fit.

Contact Us for Preventative Dental Care

Whatever kind of assistance your child needs for their oral health, we are happy to help. At Cuddle Kids Dental Care serving those in Summer Creek, we care about every child that comes to our office, and we always give them the attention they deserve. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chrishelle Hemphill today.