Laser Dentistry in Summer Creek



Addressing your child's oral health does not have to be a stressful event. If you or your child has concerns about their dental procedures, you can try a new strategy when caring for their teeth. Laser dentistry may be the solution to helping your child overcome their fear of dental work.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry for Children

It is common for kids to feel reluctant about getting dental treatment. However, laser dentistry can help make the process less intimidating. Once they become more relaxed with their dental visits, your child is more likely to continue with healthy habits and dental checkups when they are older. Here are the benefits that come with adding laser-based services to your visit.

Avoid Loud Sounds With Laser Dentistry

As the buzz of the drill comes closer to your child, they may shrink back with worry and nervousness. They may have reactions that prevent them from necessary benefits from their dental treatments. Yet, a laser dental procedure is silent except for a subtle tingling sound the laser may make. This quietness often contributes to calming your child and opens the door for a more successful visit.

Laser Dentistry Can Limit Shots

With some traditional approaches, your child may need anesthesia applied to the area to keep the mouth numb. Your child may become afraid when they see a needle or sense a slight sting during this numbing process. Furthermore, your child may become disturbed by the discomfort and assume that pain is a regular part of their appointments. However, with laser treatments, anesthesia is usually not required. The treatment consists of using light in a fast, effective way to perform a large variety of dental procedures.

Get Decreased Healing Time With Laser Dentistry

Kids often obtain cuts and wounds on their mouth and lips when playing, climbing, or participating in athletic activities. Dental stitches or sutures are often used to close a wound or surgical incision. If your child requires stitches, they may require more time to heal from their procedure. However, if a dental laser is used your child may not need sutures. Your child may heal much quicker and have an easier time during their recovery.

Laser Dentistry for Healthy Teeth

Dental lasers can transform your child's dental experiences for the better. These provide more comfort, facilitate faster healing, and reduce the possibility of complications. To learn more information about how these lasers can benefit your child, schedule an appointment with us at Cuddle Kids Dental Care in Fort Worth, TX. We hope to see you soon.