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Tooth Extraction


The idea of receiving a tooth extraction may be frightening. Sometimes it's necessary to keep the rest of your child's mouth healthy. If you've been searching for teeth extraction near me for your child, then you've come to the right place to learn all about it.

What Is Tooth Extraction?

Teeth extraction is the process in which a tooth is removed from the mouth. Impacted teeth may need further steps in order to be removed. In this case, parts of the gum and bone tissue need to be removed in order to safely remove the tooth.

Who Needs Dental Extraction?

Anyone who has severe pain in their teeth could benefit from extraction. If a tooth is rotten or decayed, then extraction can keep it from infecting other teeth around it. It's a method that's preferred to be used on adults, but it can be done on children and teenagers as well. For children that need a tooth extracted, Dr. Hemphill can simply wiggle the tooth and give it to our friend the Tooth Fairy.

When Should Your Child Undergo Teeth Extraction?

If you've done your research on teeth extraction near me, then you know that if you need a dental extraction, it's because the situation is dire. Extracting a tooth is necessary to prevent damage from occurring to the rest of your child's mouth.

Because of this, your child should undergo a dental extraction as soon as they start to experience pain. In some cases, if you catch the rot early enough, your child may only need the root to be cleaned.

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Where Should Your Child Undergo Tooth Extraction?

Because the process is a serious one, your child needs an expert dentist. That's where Dr. Hemphill can help. Her experience enables her to safely remove teeth and protect the rest of your child's mouth. By looking at her information after you search for teeth extraction near me, you'll find that she offers the best service.

Why Does Your Child Need Teeth Extraction?

Extraction is necessary when the tooth is beyond saving. At this juncture, the goal is to save the rest of the teeth from following suit. When the rotten tooth is removed, dentists can clean the area and stop the spread of decay.

It can also be necessary if your child's teeth are overcrowded. If you want your child's teeth to be straight, for example, then Dr. Hemphill may need to remove a few teeth in order for the rest to become straight.

How Does Tooth Extraction Preserve Your Child's Oral Health?

Dental extraction benefits your child because it keeps their gums from becoming infected. It can also help keep their teeth straight. If your child is at risk for an infection, then extraction may also benefit them. It can ensure the rest of their body doesn't become infected.

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While unpleasant, dental extractions are sometimes necessary to keep your child's teeth healthy. Call our office today to see if an extraction is the right service for you. Dr. Hemphill can ensure the rest of your child's mouth stays healthy.

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