Is Pediatric Dental Cleaning Necessary?

When it comes to ensuring that your children obtain a healthy smile, regular dental cleanings are a necessity. During this cleaning process, Dr. Chrishelle Hemphill will utilize specifically designed dental tools to remove plaque and other debris from your child's teeth. While brushing and flossing do remove a large majority of plaque, there are still areas between the teeth that you won't be able to reach effectively.

Having your child's teeth cleaned on a regular basis will help to prevent plaque buildup that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, Dr. Chrishelle Hemphill will use this cleaning opportunity to closely examine your child's teeth to identify if there are any problems forming. This way, they can be caught fairly early on and are easier and less expensive to treat.

How Often Should My Child Undergo Dental Cleaning?

Most adults are familiar with getting a dental exam and cleaning twice per year. So, they believe that their children should visit Dr. Chrishelle Hemphill twice a year as well. In reality, your child's teeth are growing at exponential rates. They need to visit Dr. Chrishelle Hemphill on a more frequent basis to ensure that their growing teeth stay healthy. Each child is going to be a bit different in how quickly their teeth develop. When you speak with Dr. Chrishelle Hemphill, she'll provide you with an adequate timeframe for how often your child should undergo regular cleanings.

What Happens During a Normal Pediatric Dental Cleaning?

Taking the time to discuss with your child what's going to happen during their pediatric dental cleaning can help to ease their nerves and make the process much smoother. Most cleaning appointments will take just under an hour to complete. During the process, Dr. Chrishelle Hemphill will review your child's oral health history and may opt to take dental x-rays to identify any underlying problems.

Next, she'll scrap all the plaque buildup out between your child's teeth. She'll proceed to clean all sides of their teeth with an ultrasonic tool. Lastly, Dr. Chrishelle Hemphill will floss and polish your child's teeth to protect them in the coming months. Throughout the cleaning process, she'll be examining each tooth in your child's mouth as well as their gums to detect any foreseeable problems that should be addressed.

When Should My Child Undergo Their First Dental Cleaning?

Many parents get confused about when they should be taking their child for a dental cleaning for the first time. While each child's growth is different, Dr. Chrishelle Hemphill typically performs pediatric dental cleanings when your child reaches their toddler years. However, it's important to note that you should still have Dr. Chrishelle Hemphill examine your child's teeth as they start to come through.

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