Pediatric Dental Exams

Dental health is a crucial component of your overall long-term health, and it starts from a young age. Once your child begins showing their teeth, they should begin seeing a dentist. A specialized pediatric dentist is able to detect potential issues and recommend proper treatments, all while knowing the best methods for working with children.

At Cuddle Kids Dental Care in Fort Worth, TX, we strive to provide kids with a smooth and comforting process so they can be relaxed and not fear the dentist's office.

What Does a Pediatric Dental Exam Entail?

A pediatric dental exam is very similar to an adult exam. Pediatric dental exams typically begin with an X-ray to monitor the health of the jawbone and incoming teeth. Dr. Hemphill will then perform a comprehensive inspection of your child's teeth, looking around for cavities and assessing oral hygiene. Depending on the case, she may also recommend orthodontic treatment. Then she will perform a cleaning and apply fluoride to protect the teeth from cavities.

If your child is nervous about a visit to the dentist, Dr. Hemphill is happy to spend the first visit meeting your child and easing them into the process of a full dental exam. At Cuddle Kids Dental Care, we are experienced working with infants, toddlers and older children. Our goal is to ensure that all our patients are happy and comfortable in the office.

Why Does My Child Need a Dental Exam?

Pediatric exams are an important procedure to monitor the health of your child's teeth and detect any potential problems early. A comprehensive dental exam will diagnose any potential issues early and ensure that the teeth are coming in properly. Diagnosing issues early provides the opportunity for preventative care and overall guidance on maintaining proper health, helping your child avoid long-term dental problems.

Attending dental exams early in life also prepares children for long-term success in dental health and hygiene habits. Learning about the importance of consistent dental care will lead children to be mindful of taking care of their teeth as they grow up.

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To learn more about pediatric dental exams, contact us here at Cuddle Kids Dental Care. Dr. Hemphill and our team are ready to help you start your child on the path to strong dental health and hygiene. Make sure your child's dental health is under control early. If you're in Summer Creek, Contact us today to schedule an appointment for an exam. We look forward to seeing you!