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Root Canal Nerve Treatment


The service may sound frightening, but a root canal nerve treatment in Fort Worth, TX, is actually painless; your child is going to experience far more pain going without the root canal. To shed more light on the treatment, here's what you need to know if you've been searching for root canal nerve treatment near me.

What Is a Root Canal Nerve Treatment?

Each tooth contains a root. The root is connected to the dental pulp, which is at the center of the tooth. When the pulp becomes infected, it can send the infection down to the root. It's possible for the tooth to have more than one root.

Root canal treatments aim to remove the bacteria that are causing the infection. Pulpotomy is a procedure where the pulp of the tooth in the crown is removed while the pulp in the root canal is left intact. A pulpectomy is another type of procedure where the pulp is completely removed from the crown and roots. The tooth is filled with a material that can be absorbed by the body.

Who Should Receive Root Canal Nerve Treatment?

If your child has been experiencing a constant toothache, then they may need the treatment. To know if it's the best option for them, Dr. Hemphill will need to inspect the tooth in question. Researching root canal nerve treatment near me won't help you figure out whether or not they're going to need the service. That's up to Dr. Hemphill and the state of their teeth.

However, if your child is experiencing a lot of pain with their teeth, then they may need a root canal.

When Is the Best Time to Schedule a Root Canal Nerve Treatment?

Sooner is better than later. If your child waits to undergo a root canal, then the chances of needing the tooth to be removed increase. If Dr. Hemphill is able to catch the infection early, then cleaning it out is easier. The moment that your child starts to experience a toothache, you should call our office.

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Where Does a Root Canal Treatment Occur?

A tooth can become infected when it contains a small hole. Bacteria can enter the tiny hole and infect the pulp within.

Dr. Hemphill will access the pulp that exists within the tooth. She'll clean the pulp and sterilize it to kill the bacteria. Then she'll access the root or roots of the tooth and clean those of bacteria as well. Once the treatment is over, the tooth is sealed to prevent infection again.

How Does a Patient Recover From a Root Canal?

Recovering is easy. You're able to access any over-the-counter painkillers for any discomfort that your child feels. You'll also want to avoid feeding them hard foods until the treatment is considered complete. They may also experience a bit of swelling.

The initial pain of the tooth should be gone. At most, your child may just feel some sensitivity.

Why You Should Visit Our Office for a Pediatric Root Canal Treatment?

If you've been searching for root canal nerve treatment near me, then it's likely your child needs help quickly. Our office is your best choice. Dr. Hemphill has the experience and tools to make your child's root canal as simple and quick as possible.

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