Emergency Dentist in Kingswood Place

Pediatric Emergency Dentist Care

Anything can happen unexpectedly. Your child can injure themselves and either chip their tooth or knock out a tooth. You do not have to wait until your child's normal dental appointment. Luckily, we can assist you with our emergency dental appointments. Below is what is helpful to know about our emergency services.

What Is an Emergency Dentist?

While you are researching for dental emergencies around me, you might be wondering what actually counts as a dental emergency. A dentist will accept any patient that has lost a tooth, chipped a tooth, or is in severe pain. There are other conditions that can make patients eligible for emergency dental services. During the appointments your child will get quick attention from a dentist. The main goal is to reduce their suffering as fast as possible. If the case is a chipped tooth, it might be possible to repair it.

Why Does Your Child Require an Emergency Dentist?

If your child is currently experiencing a lot of pain they should visit our office. We might view this as a dental emergency. Our dentist will find out the cause of the pain and propose the best solution. If your child has a chipped tooth, if possible you should carry the chip with you.

Children are constantly running into objects, and they usually bounce back quickly after they get hurt. Sometimes they can get hurt pretty bad. They can seriously hurt their teeth when this happens, and they might need to see a dentist. A visit to the dentist can save their tooth and it can also decrease the pain the child is experiencing.

Take Your Child to See an Emergency Dentist

It is not always possible to make an appointment in advance. Instead, you should contact our office. We have available emergency hours to take care of your dental emergency. Booking an appointment with Dr. Chrishelle Hemphill sooner rather than later is advisable.

Our dental office is open for any emergency services. We understand that accidents can happen at any time and you might require the services of a dentist immediately. We are proud to provide our patients same-day restorative visits. Simply get in touch with our office and we will make sure that there is someone waiting and ready to take care of your emergency.

Your child deserves the best quality emergency dental services. We can assist to decrease their pain. Contact us at Cuddle Kids Dental Care in Kingswood Place when you have a dental emergency and get the care you need.