Dental Sealants 101: Everything Parents Should Know 

Dental Sealants

At Cuddle Kids Dental Care, we are not just about treating dental problems – we are about preventing them before they develop. We are pleased to offer a range of preventive dentistry options, including dental sealants, to keep tooth decay and cavities at bay. Here is everything you need to know about dental sealants and how they can protect your child’s smile.  

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are protective coatings we apply to the chewing surfaces of a child’s back teeth, known as the molars and premolars. These surfaces have natural pits and crevices that can trap food and bacteria, making them prone to developing cavities. Dental sealants fill in these grooves, creating a smoother surface and essentially sealing out food particles and bacteria. They have been shown to significantly lower the risk of tooth decay and cavities in treated teeth. 

When Should Your Child Have Sealants Placed?

We typically recommend placing dental sealants when the first set of permanent molars emerge around age six and the second set around age 12. Sealing these teeth right from the start provides maximum protection against cavities. If, however, a child misses the six and 12-year mark, it is never too late to apply sealants. The procedure offers long-term benefits, making it an invaluable preventive measure for children of all ages.

What Is the Dental Sealant Application Process? 

The dental sealant application process is quick, simple, and painless. We start by applying a conditioning gel to roughen the chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth to help the sealant bond. Next, we will apply the sealant material, which will flow into the grooves and crevices, smoothing them out and providing a protective seal. We will use a special curing light to harden the material.

How Long Do Dental Sealants Last?

Dental sealants can protect your child’s teeth for several years with proper care. We do, however, recommend keeping up with regular dental exams to allow us to monitor the condition of your child’s sealants and reapply them if necessary.

Dental Sealants Near Me in Fort Worth, TX

Contact Cuddle Kids Dental Care if you would like to learn more about lowering the risk of tooth decay and maintaining your child’s healthy smile. Our kid-friendly team will discuss the benefits of dental sealants and help you determine if they are right for your child. You can always count on our dedicated pediatric dentists and team for gentle care and a stellar experience.

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